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Selecting the Right Features for Your Storage Budget

24 October 2016
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Not all storage-unit users need a full facility of temperature control, security, and 24/7 access. Many people need just a few sets of services, such as basic security and enough space to store their goods without overspending. To get the right amount of services, here's an overview of self-storage facility features to understand what you're getting when you sign up. Different Levels of Security Storage at its most basic level is just a large enough space to fit whatever you need, but life brings complications in the form of storage-room thieves.
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Evaluating Storage Facilities For The Right Benefits

21 October 2016
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Not every storage facility is the same, and there are a lot of different ways to get some extra storage space while providing security. From outdoor storage unit designs to indoor storage facilities with security personnel, a few features and suggestions can help you pick what you need without overspending on frills. The Outdoor Storage Unit Model Outdoor storage units provide ease of access for your extra belongings. They can either be installed in your backyard or visited as part of an outdoor storage facility.
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3 Reasons To Rent From An Outdoor Storage Facility

17 October 2016
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One of the most common and useful types of storage facilities at your disposal is an outdoor facility, mostly because this option is often going to be the most convenient for you to access. Outdoor storage facilities are typically made up of numerous small buildings located within a fenced or walled piece of property. Listed below are three reasons to rent a unit from an outdoor self storage facility. Can Access The Facility Whenever You Need To
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Paralyzed In An Accident And Suddenly In A Wheelchair? Changes You Need To Make In Your Home

14 October 2016
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If you were paralyzed in an accident and are suddenly in a wheelchair, your home is not likely set up for this. Unless it is in your budget to build a new home that will work well for a disability like this, below are some things you need to change. Store Things in a Storage Unit You need as much space as you can get for your wheelchair, so you need to remove things from your home that are going to get in your way.
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Avid Painter? Consider Converting a Storage Unit into Your Studio

12 October 2016
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Painting is a hobby that many people enjoy, and people often turn space into their home into a makeshift art studio. However, if you're finding that your space is at a premium, and you're constantly having to bring out and then pack up and put away your art supplies, it might be time to think about finding a permanent space for this hobby. One solution to consider is a unit at a storage facility.
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