Avid Painter? Consider Converting a Storage Unit into Your Studio

Are you wondering if it's worth it to rent a storage unit? Check out how you can find the right space and maximize the unit.

Avid Painter? Consider Converting a Storage Unit into Your Studio

Avid Painter? Consider Converting a Storage Unit into Your Studio

12 October 2016
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Painting is a hobby that many people enjoy, and people often turn space into their home into a makeshift art studio. However, if you're finding that your space is at a premium, and you're constantly having to bring out and then pack up and put away your art supplies, it might be time to think about finding a permanent space for this hobby. One solution to consider is a unit at a storage facility. If such a business exists near where you live, it can be worthwhile to relocate all your art supplies to your rented unit and use the unit as a studio. Here are some reasons to do so.

Space for Your Work and Supplies

When you pick the right size of storage unit, you'll have adequate space to keep all of your work and your supplies. Your work can be kept on shelves or on a series of easels placed throughout the unit. You might even wish to hang some of your finished art on the walls to make the unit feel more like an art studio. Your supplies, including your bottles of paint, brushes, and other accessories, can be kept out on shelves or on a table in the unit. This is preferable to working at home in an environment in which you may need to put these supplies away after each use.

Uninterrupted Work 

Few artists wish to be disturbed while they're working. Although being disturbed can be a hassle, it can also serve as a logistical issue if you have paints that are mixed together. Being interrupted means that the paints can dry out, and it might be difficult to make the same blend again afterward. Your storage unit will give you a venue to work uninterrupted, whether it's just for an hour every few days or an entire afternoon each weekend.

No Risk of Damage to Your Art

Keeping your art in a busy home can potentially be risky. For example, if you have children or pets running around the house, it's too easy for one of them to make inadvertent contact with one of your easels and cause major damage to your work. You won't have this concern when you set up in a storage unit; it'll just be you and your art, and when you close the door at the end of a session, you know no one will be around your work.

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