Evaluating Storage Facilities For The Right Benefits

Are you wondering if it's worth it to rent a storage unit? Check out how you can find the right space and maximize the unit.

Evaluating Storage Facilities For The Right Benefits

Evaluating Storage Facilities For The Right Benefits

21 October 2016
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Not every storage facility is the same, and there are a lot of different ways to get some extra storage space while providing security. From outdoor storage unit designs to indoor storage facilities with security personnel, a few features and suggestions can help you pick what you need without overspending on frills.

The Outdoor Storage Unit Model

Outdoor storage units provide ease of access for your extra belongings. They can either be installed in your backyard or visited as part of an outdoor storage facility. If you decide to buy your own storage unit, a lot of the liability is on you as far as theft or damages. If you're taking your business to a storage facility, there are a few features to consider.

If you're visiting an outdoor storage facility, at the bare minimum, there should be a fence. Fly-by-night storage facilities in vacant lots or fields without fencing are not rare, and it's easier for a thief to simply walk by during the day as a potential customer or under the cover of night with no obstacles.

Along with fencing, a surveillance system is a good deterrent and recovery tool. If it's an outdoor storage facility, you'll want to check with the facility to make sure that the cameras have night vision or that lighting is always available. Even lighting is questionable, as a skilled thief would try to cut power to lights and cameras, but a few last minute camera and light footage scenes could help catch the perpetrator.

The most robust outdoor storage facilities will still have a security guard at the gate, and though each storage unit is an individual shed or building, they're connected in a way that makes patrolling as simple as roving through rows.

Indoor Storage Facility Benefits

If you want to invest a bit more into storage, indoor facilities can provide more security with less effort and better air quality. Indoor is the way to go if you have sensitive materials such as paperwork, fine linens or anything that could be stained or damaged by weather.

The climate control comes from air conditioning, which can be helpful at different levels. Basic air conditioning--when maintained with proper filter changing and duct inspection--can reduce settling dust and humidity by filtering dust and drawing humidity from the air.

Air conditioning is no replacement for dehumidifiers if you need a near 0% humidity environment, but most household objects and documents will be fine under a well-maintained air conditioning environment. 

It's a bit harder for thieves to make their way through an indoor storage facility with only a few entrances, but if security is your concern, make sure that the facility has 24/7 security staffing. Contact a storage unit representative to discuss other features you may need depending on what you want to store.

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