Selecting the Right Features for Your Storage Budget

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Selecting the Right Features for Your Storage Budget

Selecting the Right Features for Your Storage Budget

24 October 2016
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Not all storage-unit users need a full facility of temperature control, security, and 24/7 access. Many people need just a few sets of services, such as basic security and enough space to store their goods without overspending. To get the right amount of services, here's an overview of self-storage facility features to understand what you're getting when you sign up.

Different Levels of Security

Storage at its most basic level is just a large enough space to fit whatever you need, but life brings complications in the form of storage-room thieves. Storage facilities have the perfect setup for thieves looking for break-in practice with few repercussions: sheds with similar locks and a mystery of items to sell or reuse after breaking in.

There are storage-unit facilities that are nothing more than a few sheds sitting in a parking lot or field, and unless you have absolute trust in the people of your area, you need to aim for something that at least has a fence. Outdoor storage facilities can deliver a basic level of security with high fencing and restricted gates that will deter a passing thief who just wants to walk by for a few quick cracks at a department store–quality lock.

To increase this passive security, you can choose an indoor facility, since indoor locations make it harder for the average person to get near the storage units unseen. Cameras should be used with these facilities, and anyone who comes in and out is subject to monitoring with good lighting.

With any storage facility, security personnel and a limited number of entry points can make you feel safer. The security guards can keep an eye out for suspicious persons and manage surveillance a bit better than idle cameras can. 

Climate Control and Cleanliness

Many belongings are fine in a trash bag or plastic boxes, but there are times when your belongings need to be protected from even ambient room conditions. You should of course avoid any storage unit that seems to be leaking or letting in critters, but there are dangers from humidity and dust that can be controlled.

Humidity can cause papers and some cloth to wrinkle and stain more quickly. Thankfully, air-conditioning systems and dehumidifiers can offer different levels of air-moisture control. Air conditioners deliver good enough humidity control as a side effect of its cooling process while dehumidifiers can be used to get as close to 0% humidity as possible.

Dust control happens with air conditioning as well, but you'll want to inspect the facility's filter yourself if this is an extreme concern. Contact a storage-facility manager to discuss other useful storage features.

Learn more by checking out the storage facilities near you. 

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