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Comparing Outdoor And Indoor Storage

19 August 2018
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Storage facilities are a great way to free up space within your home or on your property by moving some of your items to a secure location where they can be easily accessed at a future date when you need them again. There are two main types of storage options, indoor and outdoor, which can sometimes be offered at the same self-storage facility. Indoor and outdoor storage options offer a different set of benefits over each other, making them ideal for specific types of storage solutions.
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Things To Keep In Storage When Selling House

1 May 2018
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A self-storage facility will come in handy if you want to sell your house. It can help you store all those extra things that your potential buyers should not find in your house. Here are some of the things to store outside the house before putting it on the market: Extra Clothes Expect potential buyers to rifle through your closets when they come to view the house. They want to see the closets as usable and spacious.
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Boat Storage And Maintenance During The Winter

27 February 2017
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Owning and sailing a boat is a fun and exciting activity. As a boat owner, maintenance and care of your boat is an important part of ownership. When the sailing season is over, your boat should be properly cleaned and maintained before it is stored. Here are some maintenance tasks and things to consider when you store your boat for the winter: Prepare to Store Your Boat:  Inspect your boat carefully before you store it, and make a list of any and all repairs that need to be made while your boat is not being used.
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Three Things To Know When Renting A Construction Container For Storing Equipment At A Job Site

3 February 2017
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When you own a construction business, there are certain pieces of equipment that you need in order to do your job efficiently. If you need to use large pieces of equipment at a job site over an extended period of time, you need to be able to secure them during the times when your workers are off of work. A great way to do this is to rent construction containers to use at the site.
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How to Stage Your Home for Selling

5 January 2017
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One part of helping your home sell is how you stage the space for buyers to view it. Here are some tips to get you started. Rent a Storage Unit First of all, you will need a self-storage unit to store most of your personal items. Decluttering your home is a major step toward selling your home because you want the potential buyers to be able to see as much of the space as possible.
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