When Using A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit Is Best

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When Using A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit Is Best

When Using A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit Is Best

5 January 2023
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If you have items that need to be stored, you want them to be safe while they are out of your view. There are some times when it is best to select a climate-controlled storage unit for the holding of your personal possessions. Here are some instances where this type of storage area makes sense.

When Items Are Prone To Heat Or Moisture Damage

Some items become damaged when excessive heat or humidity becomes present. If you have items made of metal, they are prone to rusting if humidity levels rise. Similarly, items made of wood are subject to rot if moisture becomes a problem. Take an inventory of each of your belongings to determine whether heat or moisture can damage them. If so, it is best that it is stored in a unit with climate control capabilities. This allows you to alter the temperature of the interior of the unit so moisture buildup is not a factor. 

When You Are Unable To Get To Your Storage Area Often

If you are unable to check on your belongings regularly, there is the worry that they will become damaged while you are absent. This scenario requires you to select a storage facility where a cool atmosphere is prevalent, especially if you have items at risk of damage due to higher temperatures or humidity levels. Determine how often you are able to perform a check of your storage area. If temperatures fluctuate in your area, or if precipitation levels are high, it is best to select a climate-controlled storage unit for the holding of your belongings. You can set the temperature level of the interior so it remains constant while you are away.

When the Weather In Your Area Tends To Run Hot

If you live in an area where the temperature tends to remain on the warmer side, a cooler temperature setting is necessary to keep belongings from becoming ruined. A climate-controlled storage facility is monitored by workers to keep the interior temperature level cool enough at all times to aid in the protection of items being stored inside. Rather than take the chance of coming back to a unit full of items that are no longer intact, pick a location where climate-controlled storage is one of the main focuses of the warehouse. This type of unit will remain at a constant temperature that will keep items safe year-round.

If you need a climate-controlled self-storage unit, call a storage facility near you. 

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