Must Follow Car Storage Tips

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Must Follow Car Storage Tips

Must Follow Car Storage Tips

18 May 2022
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If you are traveling out of town or you are going to spend a considerable amount of time away from your car, you should rent a car storage unit. However, before leaving your car in a storage facility, there are things you should do to prevent damage to your car.

Here are car storage tips you should implement.

Seek a Favorable Storage Facility 

Ensure you find a moisture-free and secure car storage unit. Safeguarding your car against humidity prevents rusting, corrosion, and mold growth. Therefore, select a professional car storage unit that is well insulated and secure.

Fill the Tank and Change Oil

Before leaving your car in a storage facility, ensure you fill the tank with gasoline and add a fuel stabilizer. Filling the tank leaves no space for moisture that can trigger rusting. Similarly, adding a fuel stabilizer prevents fuel from solidifying. Moreover, have your oil changed and replace your oil filter, leaving old oil in your car can trigger premature rusting in your engine.

Keep Your Battery Charged

Having your car not running for months will cause your battery to lose charge. Therefore, arrange with your car storage unit to have someone start the engine and drive for a few miles once in a while. This will help keep the car battery charged and lubricate engine components. Alternatively, if you cannot find someone to drive your car, purchase a battery trickle charger. This gadget is hooked to your car battery and a power source outlet to deliver the electrical power necessary to keep your battery charged.

Leave the Parking Brake Off

Leaving your parking brake on for too long can cause your brake pads and the rotor to fuse. Instead, keep the brakes off and obtain a tire stopper to prevent your vehicle from moving.

Clean Your Vehicle Thoroughly

Cleaning your car thoroughly and waxing it eliminates debris on your vehicle's surface that could damage the paint. Additionally, crumbs and other food leftovers can attract pests that can damage the interior of your car. 

Other additional things you can do to protect your ride include:

  •  Lubricating your car hinges to prevent them from jamming

  •  Storing a box of baking soda inside your car to absorb unpleasant smells

  • Blocking your exhaust with aluminum foil to deter pests

  • Cleaning and dressing your wheels with tire pads

Above are the top tips for car storage. Ensure you select a favorable storage facility that is secure and free from moisture. Additionally, fill the fuel tank and change the oil to prevent mechanical issues.

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