Rent Climate-Controlled And Natural-Air Units For Self-Storage Solutions

Are you wondering if it's worth it to rent a storage unit? Check out how you can find the right space and maximize the unit.

Rent Climate-Controlled And Natural-Air Units For Self-Storage Solutions

Rent Climate-Controlled And Natural-Air Units For Self-Storage Solutions

13 July 2021
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Moisture and mold could affect certain things placed in a storage unit. When you want to put family photos, clothing, and essential documents in storage, a climate-controlled storage unit that maintains a consistent temperature during the year cuts down on the chances of damage. Damage might also come from improper storage, which sometimes occurs when jamming too much into a unit. Consider renting two units: one unit with a regulated climate and one without.

The Second Unit

Not everything in the storage unit needs to be in a climate-controlled location. Exterior storage units would lack air-conditioning, and they would be appropriate for belongings that temperature changes have no direct effect. Placing these items in a second rental unit outside leaves more space inside the climate-controlled unit, which makes it easier to retrieve things when necessary. Easier access to belongings in storage make retrievals less time-consuming and might cut down on the chances for damage.

Don't Play Guessing Games

The best way to determine what belongs in a climate-controlled unit and what is safe at any temperature involves looking up the answer. Assuming something doesn't require a regulated climate might result in problems if the guess is wrong. If there are any questions about whether something belongs in a controlled environment, ask the storage business's management to clarify for you. The staff likely has the knowledge and experience to know the answer. A team member may provide additional assistance, such as suggesting how to store something in a non-climate controlled unit. Perhaps a particular, more durable container might work best.

Stacking To Maximize Space

Durable boxes, such as containers made of hard plastic, may stack nicely on top of one another. When packing things into a storage unit, the renter gains access to the unit's height as well as width and length. If the height is 8 feet from the ground to ceiling, why only use 5 feet of height if the added weight on top doesn't damage the items on the bottom? Taking this approach in both the climate-controlled and the natural-air storage units further maximizes space and makes it easier to access things.

Moving Things From One Storage Unit to the Other

Keeping free space in the climate-controlled unit has another benefit when renting two units. If the temperature hits unexpected extremes, moving some belongings from the outside unit to the climate-controlled one becomes more effortless. Overall, investing in two units might be worth it for these, and other, reasons.

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