Things To Look For In A Storage Facility If You'll Be Visiting Often

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Things To Look For In A Storage Facility If You'll Be Visiting Often

Things To Look For In A Storage Facility If You'll Be Visiting Often

25 March 2021
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There are certain qualities you want in a storage facility no matter what. You want the units to be priced fairly. You want them to be well-sealed, clean, and secure. If you're basically dropping your stuff off at storage and won't be visiting again for a year, that's really all you need. On the other hand, if you plan on visiting the storage unit regularly, you'll want to pay closer attention when selecting a facility. Look, in particular, for a storage facility that offers the following features and amenities.

24-Hour Access

If you were only planning a once-a-year visit to the storage unit, then planning it around an open-close schedule would not be such a hassle. However, if you are planning on visiting the storage unit monthly or weekly to put new things inside or take stuff out, you don't want to have to plan those visits for certain open hours. Especially if you sometimes work late or try to get things done late at night, renting from a storage facility with 24-hour access is smart. Most facilities with this option have a locked gate that you have to provide a secret code to open, which ensures they remain secure, even with people coming and going at all hours.

Wide Driveways and Access Roads

There might be a day when you bring a friend's van to unload a couch, and another day when you rent a moving truck to move all your spare bedroom contents into storage. You don't want to have to struggle to squeeze your vehicle into a narrow driveway or access road each time you visit. You don't want to have to carry items 500 feet because you couldn't park your large vehicle any closer to the unit, either! If you're going to be visiting and parking at your storage facility regularly, then it pays to look for one with wide roads and units that are generally easy to access.

On-Site Staff

If you are going to be visiting the storage unit a lot anyways, it's nice if you can take care of other business while you're there — such as paying your monthly bill, asking about security updates, requesting a second unit, and so forth. Facilities that have on-site staff make this easy. Rather than having to make a phone call or go on the facility's website, you can just take care of your business while you're already there in person. There are often fewer misunderstandings when this sort of thing is done in-person, too!

If you'll be visiting a storage unit a lot, look for a facility that supports that. Contact a local storage company, like Abes Self Storage or another location, for more help and info.

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