Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Items While In Storage

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Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Items While In Storage

Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Items While In Storage

18 December 2020
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When most people select a storage unit, they go to great lengths to ensure the unit is secure, protected, clean, and safe. But this does not necessarily mean their items will be in good shape when removed from storage months or years later. Even in the cleanest and most secure of storage units, making any of the following mistakes could sabotage your possessions.

Putting things away wet.

It's often recommended to clean items before putting them in storage. Storing something dirty may result in ground-in stains and may even invite pests into the unit. But after you clean something, you need to be certain it is thoroughly dry before you pack it up or put it in storage. This means planning in advance and cleaning items at least two or three days before you need to pack. Be especially careful with anything made from fabric. Put it through an extra drying cycle to make sure it's not still damp.

Stacking boxes on top of half-empty boxes.

If you have any half-empty boxes, always put them at the top of your stacks. Label them in a different color so you can easily identify them. If a half-empty box is placed on the bottom or in the middle of a stack, it may collapse under the weight of the other boxes, and items may crack and break in their tumble to the ground.

Stacking boxes directly on the ground.

If you are packing things in cardboard boxes, always place them on some sort of shelf or pallet. If this is not possible, then use plastic totes as the lowermost containers in each stack. Even in a well-sealed, well-maintained storage unit, there is a chance that something could leak onto the floor from a neighboring unit. Condensation could also form on the concrete floor in certain weather conditions. Once things get wet, they will mold, and keeping everything off the floor prevents that.

Storing food.

Don't store any food in the storage unit. This includes pet food, spices, and even food that has been made into decorations — like candy cane tree decorations and cinnamon wreaths. All it takes is a few crumbs to attract insects or rodents that may chew right through your other items.

If you can avoid these common mistakes when loading up your storage unit, your items will emerge in much better shape. Learn more about how to safely store your belongings in self storage units today. 

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