3 Tips To Help Keep Your Storage Space Mice-Free

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3 Tips To Help Keep Your Storage Space Mice-Free

3 Tips To Help Keep Your Storage Space Mice-Free

31 October 2016
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It is important to keep your storage unit free of rodents and other pests, as they can infest your storage area and cause damage to your possessions stored inside. Here are three tips to help you keep your storage unit free of mice.

Use Rodent Repellent

It is a good idea to use preventive steps to trap and repel rodents inside your storage space. You can set bait traps, leave poison pellets around the perimeter inside, and even install a sonic rodent repellent if your storage space has an available power outlet.

If you don't like the idea of using poison or traps and don't have access to a power source, you can use a Fresh Cab rodent repellent, which works by using balsam fir oil to detract mice from your storage space.

Seal Up Holes

Because the body of a mouse is long and thin, it can get into some of the smallest openings into your storage unit. A mouse only needs an opening the size of a dime to enter a space, so check your unit for any small openings. If the exterior of your unit faces an outside environment, turn off all the interior lights in your unit during daylight hours to find any spots of light, indicating an opening to outside space. If your unit shares walls with other storage areas, inspect along the floor and ceiling corners in your unit to look for any small openings. 

With a can of spray foam insulation, you can seal up any openings and cracks visible in the exterior of your storage area's walls and corners. If you are renting your storage space, be sure to check with management before you use any type of sealant to plug openings in the unit's exterior. If the rental unit management does not want you to use spray foam, ask to install mesh wiring on the inside of your unit to block openings, which can keep out mice.

Don't Store Rodent-Attracting Items

Mice do not see very well, so their sense of smell is very powerful and even the slightest scent can attract them into your storage space. Some types of scented items can attract rodents, even though they are not edible. This can include scented candles, deodorant, and potpourri. Although these items aren't food, their pleasant smell will attract rodents into your storage unit.

Be careful not to store any decorative food items you may have left over from holidays, such as candy canes and other candy, crafts made from dried fruits or macaroni, and even cinnamon-scented pine cones. Toss these items out after the holiday. The risk of a rodent infestation and the cost to eliminate them is not worth it for a few scented items.

Use these tips to keep your storage space mice-free. For more information, read more here.

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